scan-360 radar


Scan-360 is a low cost IP radar for perimeter security with an operational range to detect humans and vehicles over a total range of 400 metres (200m in all directions).

On detection the radar automatically operates a PTZ camera to view the target area and send alarms to local recorders or control centres.

The radar's web based software has been designed to allow straight-forward deployment in a matter of minutes.
· Google Map integration
· Draw detection area and priority zones
· Live view output shows targets on map in real time
· Alarm integration to VMS solutions
· Terrain learning with clutter and sensitivity settings
· Automatic and scaleable camera zoom and tilt settings
· Radar data output
· ONVIF compatible
· Power-Over-Ethernet (POE)
· Software upgrades available

 [See Scan-360 product page for full specification]



We offer a truly unique, award winning, fully integrated camera / radar product. The Scan-360 IP integrated with the 360Vision Technology Predator range of cameras with the advantage of one install, providing a full 360-degree field of view with no blind spots.

[See the Scan-Integrated product page for further information]


sector-wall-mount-transparent 20x20-spacer


Fixed radar with 200m detection range.

Scan-Sector can be mounted high to avoid vandalism and will slew a PTZ camera to point at the target.

Ideally suited to long thin areas where 360 degree coverage is not needed.

[Scan-Sector product page]



Narrow 'beam break' detection system.

The detection area is defined between the transmitter and receiver units. A single threshold control sets the width of the detection area

Scan-Beam is ideal for mounting at ground level, next to a physical fence in high security environments to detect walking, running or crawling intruders.

Maximum detection range of 500m for larger perimeters.

[Scan-beam product page]





We offer additional customised solutions for all our products:

· Wireless/3G/4G IP connectivity
· VMS integration
· 16 output relay module
· Remote alarm monitoring services
· Proof-of-concept custom design capabilities


Designed to operate in extreme temperatures, our products can be deployed to protect compounds, fence lines, utility sites and many other applications, offering advanced warning and tracking of intruders and vehicles, including drones.

A single Scan-360 watches over an area of 125,000 square meters every second.
All our systems use advanced digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms in conjunction with sophisticated microwave circuitry to give exceptional performance.

Our products are designed and built in the UK by Ogier Electronics, a highly regarded electronics engineering company with over 25 years experience in the security industry.



scan-360 on pole

Typical Installations

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Camera Systems Supported by Scan-360:


VMS & Monitoring Systems Supported by Scan-360:


Scan-360 Videos

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