The Scan-360 perimeter surveillance radar incorporates innovative and advanced signal processing technology that allows the unit to learn about the environment it operates in and be easily programmed during the initial installation via laptop, to establish privacy and priority zones.

  • Increases CCTV effectiveness by automatically detecting people and vehicles
  • Alarms on intrusion
  • Programmable surveillance areas and priority zones
  • All weather capability
  • Low cost - license exempt 24GHz frequency
  • Automatically slews and zooms the camera to the target
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Flexible installation options
  • Configuration using web browser interface over IP network
  • ONVIF camera interface
  • IP interface and VMS integration
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

Easy to configure

When first installed, a guided step-by-step walk-through quickly gets the radar up and running.


Simply use the on-screen control to pan the camera so it points in the same direction as radar.


Set the radar position on a map to simply draw the detection area.


The radar will start looking for targets as soon as the initial set up is complete.
When a target is detected the camera will automatically point at the target and the target details (bearing, range, etc) will be made available to any third party software using the IP interface.

The radar Live Feed page displays the position of target detection on the map:

Flexibility for every type of installation: fixed, mobile, large, small, wired, wireless.

  • Low power consumption makes Scan-360 suitable for 24/7 off-grid operation.
  • Easily add additional radars as sites grow or change, and re-deploy existing hardware with ease.
  • IP networking and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) makes Scan-360 easy to integrate with existing fixed infrastructure.

No wiring is needed to synchronise radars - off grid, and re-deployable systems are straightforward.

Every Scan-360 radar is fitted with a GPS receiver that locks to satellite timing signals. Even if the Scan-360 units do not share an IP connection they will stay in sync and will not interfere with each other.

Advanced settings

Settings can be fine-tuned to give optimum performance even in the most demanding environments. Every setting has a help icon that displays advice on how changes may affect performance.


System logs record every page view, login attempt, change of settings, etc to provide a complete audit trail. Settings can be saved and recalled instantly from past configurations.



Multiple Alarm Outputs

adam-unit Optional relay module allows up to sixteen outputs with flexible configuration to allow different alarms for different priority zones.

Relay inputs can be configured to allow operator override of PTZ movement.

Footage of Scan-360 radar in action

More videos are available on our YouTube page.

Made in UK

Designed as a robust and rugged unit using the proven microwave technology developed over more than 25 years by Ogier Electronics. Operating software is updated easily to suit changing requirements for the future. The Scan-360 is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Scan-360 Advantages over Flat-Panel Radars

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Scan-360 Advantages over Thermal Imaging Systems

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Configuration Software Features

radar green concentric rings
Setup Initial setup to be run when first installing the radar.

Live Feed View targets on the screen in real-time with satellite map overlay.

Maps Create, edit and delete satellite maps to aid perimeter configuration.

Advanced Allow fine tuning of the radar for optimum detection and lowest false alarms.

Update Upgrade the radar’s firmware to benefit from the latest target detection algorithms.

Optional Extras

* Twin head 101.6mm PCD brackets for co-locating camera and radar units.

* Camouflaged paint scheme.

* Cable for contact closure.

* Installation kit.


Software Updates

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VMS Integration

Click here for VMS Integration information

Outline Dimensions

pdf Outline dimension drawing


Scan-360 Brochure

pdfScan-360 Technical brochure


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