Here are the specifications for Scan-360. However, prior to order, for the very latest specifications we recommend you Contact Us.

Operation Detect a person or vehicle, slew camera and alarm VMS
(Picks first and alerts VMS that there is more than 1)
Detection range Up to 200m in all directions (400m diameter)
Target Single target
Modes Stand-alone and VMS
Set-up Manual positioning of Radar and Camera to distant object, then press calibration button, the camera slews to the set field of view
User interface Web-browser based GUI
User options 36 zones (every 10°) can be set for detection
distance 0 - 200m, in 1m steps.
(This allows for areas of no interest)
Install height 2m to 6m Pole mounted
Telemetry interfaces ONVIF, Ethernet 100Mbps, RJ45 port
Software Upgradeable in Service
Targetting data Output to third party software
Supplied kit Radar, Interface enclosure, 10m-cable tail
(No bracket or positioning bubble included)

Operating frequency band 24.05 - 24.25 GHz (license exempt ISM band)
Transmitted power +20dBm (100mW) EIRP
Radar technology FMCW
Target range resolution 1.5m
Target angular resolution approx. 2.6 degrees
Minimum target speed 0.5 metres per second
Elevation beam shape Spread beam (for best performance at all ranges)
Network Ethernet, 100Mbps, RJ45 port
Alarm output Volt-free contact (relay), max voltage 24V, max current 25mA.
Active impedance 100ohms, inactive impedance > 100kohms.
Voltage 115 & 240 Vac (50/60Hz)
Power 20W nominal
Temperature range -20°c to 55°c

Bracket Standard PCD 4"(101.6mm) (Not Supplied)
Routine maintenance None required
Wind Up to 200 Kph
Colour Light grey
Dimensions 248mm diameter max x 310mm tall (ignoring studs/connectors)
Weight 4.3Kg
IP rating IP66
Approvals EN300440 RF, EN301489 EMC, IEC60950 Safety.
RF Hazard None (<0.5mW/sq cm average at antenna)

Ogier Electronics reserve the right to alter this specification without notification