advancedsettings live feed display operating schedule

Software features


Initial setup to be run when first installing the radar.

Live Feed

View targets on the screen in real-time with satellite map overlay.


Create, edit and delete satellite maps to aid perimeter configuration.


Allow fine tuning of the radar for optimum detection and lowest false alarms.


Upgrade the radar’s firmware to benefit from the latest target detection algorithms.

Quickly configure the Scan-360 in three easy steps using PC software

1) Select the installed height from 1m - 8m.

2) Use the on-screen controls to pan the camera so that it points in the same direction as the radar.

3) Click and drag the perimeter outline as required to set the Radar's operating range between 0m and 200m for each 10° sector.
An aerial map can be displayed to help define intricate perimeters.


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