Latest Software Release: April 2019

Scan-360 can be easily updated to use the latest operating software (firmware) from within the radar's configuration pages.

Log in to the Scan-360 radar configuration pages using the "admin" user name.
1) Click on "Help" on the left hand panel.
2) Click on "Latest firmware and manuals" to reveal the link.
3) Click on the link.


Note: internet connection is required to connect to download location.


If internet connection is not available, the download page will not be loaded.
In that case, note down the website address of the download page for later use.
When the PC has internet connection restored, visit the download page and retrieve the firmware files, which can then be uploaded to Scan-360.

Scan-360 automatically generates the download link based on the hardware configuration.
This ensures the appropriate firmware and operating manual is presented to the user.

After the new firmware has installed, be sure to repeat the steps above to fetch the operating manual to provide guidance on any new features.