Here are the specifications for the Scan-Sector.
However, prior to order, for the very latest specifications we recommend you Contact Us.

Operation Detect a vehicle or person, trigger alarm and report range to target
Detection Range Up to 200m
Set-up Set maximum detection range and operating channel
Alignment Adjustable bracket to easily orientate unit.
User interface Alarm relay, Status relay, RS485, Ethernet.
Install Height May be mounted high on a wall or pole to deter vandalism.
Processing Microprocessor controlled, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to minimise false-alarms.
Supplied Kit  TBC

Frequency Band 24 GHz (license exempt)
EIRP +20 dBm
Antenna beam width Nominal 5° azimuth, shaped elevation 'fan-beam' to cover wide elevation range (minimal 'creep zone' underneath sensor)
Temperature Range -20°C to 55°C
Power Power over Ethernet (POE)
Interface Alarm relay, status relay, RS485, Ethernet (IP).

Routine Maintenance None required
Colour Light grey
Dimensions 220 x 210 x 60mm excluding brackets & sunshield
Weight TBC

Ogier Electronics reserve the right to alter this specification without notification